Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting Cray

Like fo shizzle. LOL JK I'm half white.

Oh man, I recall when that was average language around my neck of the woods. Hell in some places it still is.

So it's Black Friday everyone! I hope none of you got trampled...or you know, lose a wig.

This time of year is really exciting for me. The impending surge of something magical is just around the corner.

The holidays will forever be my favorite time of the year.  Everyone says it's just because my birthday is in the beginning of December or that it's me still living in some fantasy childhood world. Whatever that means.

Yet, it's none of those things. My birthday? It's alright. If there needs to be a special day to spend extra time with the ones I love, then I'll gladly take it.

It's the feeling though. I don't know how everyone doesn't feel it. Right after November ends, the air just changes. Sure, you could chalk it up to some pollution or conspiracy theory, but it's all but.

That sensation when you walk outside and the first thing you smell is crisp, fresh air or the sweet, calming scent of distant burning wood, it just takes me to a place I get to go for one whole month every single year. A quintessential, homely little world where the joy of the seasons can be touched by any outreached hand. When you can walk into someone's home to be greeted by lively decorations or the smell of baking cookies or a fresh tree.

Even for those who don't celebrate. I don't think even they can ignore it. It's palpable. Living and breathing. Extending its warmth to all.

The holidays celebrate a time of getting together. Of forgetting the troubles of yesterday or the future and focusing on the importance of the present time. Of being grateful for a warm home and loving family and friends. Because nowadays that's a scarcity that's soon to become extinct if not cherished.

I know it's easy to get caught up in worries, troubles, heartaches. Trust me, I feel the pain every single minute. But where I am right now is a place I could never have dreamed of two years ago, when I thought I couldn't make it through the week. And looking back, I discovered strength that I never knew I was capable of. Whether it was pulling through because I had to for someone or proving to myself that I could, I've developed a lot of things. Hope is the biggest thing that has gotten me through. Support is something I wouldn't be here without. Love, something that I never thought I was worthy of in my present state has been one of the greatest things of all. Perseverance, I don't know if I hadn't had it if I would have make it through. Sometimes when all you do is raise instead of fold, you get lucky with the cards you already possessed.

I know that I'm lucky. And I am more than aware of others that are not. And I want to do everything I can to appreciate what I've got and give what I can to those who don't.

Everyone deserves to be happy. This year I'll do my best to ensure that I pay it forward like never before. I'm not waiting until next year to resolve. It starts now. Join me. I dare you.