Awesome Places You Should Visit
This is Hyperbole and a Half aka the greatest blog I've ever read in my whole life.
This is =3 the awesome YouTube reviewer guy. WATCH THESE.
This is Megan Squared, the second greatest blog I've ever read. This woman is my inspiration (along with Allie Brosh), love her and her all glorifical amazingness and if you ever meet her by chance TELL HER I SENT YOU
This is Red Vs Blue, the greatest machinima I've ever watched. It's hilarious. You should become a cult addict like me. DO IT.
This is the official 100% love of my life. Don't tell me other wise and don't sass. I write about these gods often. They're the greatest thing EVER. Go listen to their music. NOW.
This is apparently the college ginger version of me according to a lot of people so I mean, you read my posts. If I instead did videos, do you think they'd look like this?
I don't really know what's on the rest of the website, but I know this never fails to make me laugh.
I stole my name from him. The rest of the website is pretty chill too.