About Me

So hi, I'm Jess. I procrastinate a lot, hence how this blog came to be. I'm bad at describing myself.

The fact that you're here means that you're probably really bored and/or avoiding some form of work, usually homework, but hey, I don't judge. So since I suck at these things, I'm gonna do what I think sounds right. That's guaranteed to make this wrong, but hey maybe I'll get lucky.
My name's Jess and I'm 16 and no I won't talk to you pedophiles of the world so stop waiting outside my house.
My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold. R.I.P. Jimmy, you're always in our hearts.

I'm an awkward person, but obviously you'll realize that soon on account of I drag things out much too far and I'm a grammar Nazi. You know, the usual.

I tried this website thing before and it was hard and things got deleted. Then I beat my computer until it started working again and we seem to be in a good relationship right now.

Look point is I'm not guaranteeing that this website is going to be interesting at all and I honestly can't tell you what it's even about. So I guess here's to you and me and that something productive comes out of this for the both of us.