Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harvest Moon

Anyone remember that game? You know, the one where you waste days upon end doing absolutely nothing? Yeah, that's how I spent one of my summers. Or at least one of my June's.

Anyways, so do you ever have those days when you make terrible decisions? Like "I should be doing my homework, but I think I'm gonna write a blog post." Or, "I really should get some exercise, but I'm gonna catch up on Supernatural." And my personal favorite, "I'm really hungry and I haven't eaten in five hours, but I think I'm gonna watch six more YouTube videos before I even consider getting up."

Yeah...that pretty much describes how my year is going. I should be doing this...but I'm going to do this instead. I haven't been very productive. But you already knew that by my severe lack of posts. NBD, I'll make up for it.

But Harvest Moon, not actually the video game, but the song. You know, the really awesome Blue Oyster Cult song? "A change in the weather, I love this time of year." Yeah, that one.

So I don't know about you guys, but it snowed yesterday. You know, in October. A DREAM COME TRUE. I was almost practically living in the Nightmare Before Christmas except this time it was like the ending of that movie, so it was the Winter Wonderland before Halloween. I'd buy it.

So Junior year...not so much sure what to say. It's adequate. I mean, it's sure as hell better than last year, but I'm pretty sure almost anything is better than last year.

TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN!!!!! So Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. I think it's just the vibe it gives off, you know? The smell of burning wood and change of leaves in the air. The crisp, cool weather that just requires a nice hoodie. The widely accepted time for pie all the time. And you know, candy isn't bad either. But like I said, the vibe. It's all, "I'm bigger than you!" and honestly, that's the kind of holiday that should really only come one time of year, because if you heard that all year, Halloween would be a total douche. Like guys who wear Axe.

Anyways, so I've decided, when all other careers fail for me, I'm just going to make Halloween costumes for babies. because honestly, who doesn't think this is the cutest thing in the whole world? COMMUNISTS that's who! Just kidding, I'm sure even Communists believe in adorable baby costumes.

So this is just a quick update, informing any of you who care that I'm not dead, definitely still here. Just crazy busy. It's not even funny. Anyways, I hope you guys all have a safe and great Halloween and I'll talk to you soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So I've been rather in an inspiration rut, therefore I will bestow on you previous work. This was a project for Biology. Enjoy.

This guy = super important. He discovered many important things, such as evolution. And he was on a boat. They named the ship H.M.S. Beagle after his dearly departed dog. In 1831, he set sail and unlike Christopher Columbus he wasn't from awesome Spain, or coming from said at least. No he was from boring old American hating England, so I will start using the word "chap." This chap made so many observations on his English-y trip that he had to start cutting trees down and making his own paper. And finally on a slab of tree trunk of something that was probably endangered Darwin became God and wrote the Infinite Commandments of EVOLUTION. Except minus Moses and the burning bush and adding some burning trees and scared sailors.

Why Won't You Answer My Question?
So our dear chap continued on his excavation as his poor Mum worried sick at home because children there were no cellular telephones back in the time of the ancient. Anywho Darwin wrote on his slabs of trunk the observation of diversity. In Australia there were no rabbits although the conditions seemed positively ideal for them. Also why weren't any of those magnificent kangaroos in England? Maybe they like America. In other words animals in one place weren't in another even though the environments were highly similar. Now instead of answering that question we're going to talk about fossils and the ones that Darwin found. Fossils are preserved remains of ancient organisms.

The Galápagos
So this is where turtles came from. Before this island, turtles did not exist, nor did they evolve. But then our dear chap came along and set the turtles free into the world where seagulls proceeded to eat their babies. Nice job Darwin. These islands were somewhere near South America, which is also better than England. Darwin did like them either. Anyways the islands were like magic, none of them were the same. Apparently they were in a feud with each other but that children is a tale for another day. The smallest islands were hot and dry and disgusting. The higher and larger islands were full of rainforesty goodness and awesome and they had TURTLES.

So on the magnificent Galápagos Islands we found turtles. They were fascinating creatures. With their shells and stubby legs and those heads that can totally disappear, dear Queen, these turtles were magicians! And as soon as Darwin discovered turtles they began to go through evolution! Just like an upgrade of Pokemon, except ten times not as cool because turtles are all chill and like hey man, I just wanna eat some lettuce and walk really slow and maybe I'll hit the pool but I'm going to take my time getting there cause you know, I'm a TURTLE.
And these magical turtles were called TORTOISES! They're so cool they even got their own names! Man I wish I were a tortoise, don't you? Darwin didn't cause he's a square.

BOOM. We totally got a 100%.