Monday, August 27, 2012


Let's talk about moms, shall we?

I would be nowhere without this woman. Literally.

I know for a fact that I hate children. With a legitimate passion. They're impatient, I'm impatient and neither of us are mature enough to adapt to the other. It's great.

But in my extreme hate of children, I've gotten such an amazing sense of respect and gratitude toward my parents, particularly my mother. Not to say that I don't love both of my parents dearly, because God knows I do. But there's a certain bond between a mother and her daughter. Girls, you know what I mean. Guys, you probably kinda do, too.

This woman is the strongest, most determined, most intelligent, loving, supportive, and when it comes down to it, goddamn miraculous person I know. And I hate to admit that these past few years have probably been the worst for her to deal with. From my brother's depression, to breaking her leg on vacation, to my migraines and my brother's dropping out of college, things have taken the phrase "a downward spiral" to a new level.

But she's handled it like a champion. And I will never ever be able to thank her enough for the lifetime of opportunity and love she's given me.

She is my real life hero. There is no one else that I'd rather aspire to be.

I love you Mom, thank you for everything.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

There's just a moment where you realize how powerful something can be. The crash of thunder followed by a slither of lightning. Shattering a tree much taller than the length of the bolt. Setting the girth of something so grounded into flames, destroying, engulfing. Hearing someone I love dearly talk about the way another person could change his life, it sounded nonsensical. But then, as he continued, it sounded...absolutely raw. Real. Even possible. Attainable. With patience. And an open heart.

Words can be just words.

Words can be a realm of possibility.

A chance to explain what actions cannot.

To prove to another that it is real. It is possible. It's not a fairy tale.

Love is out there.

With a big smile and open arms.

Waiting for you.

Make sure you grab it.