Saturday, August 18, 2012

There's just a moment where you realize how powerful something can be. The crash of thunder followed by a slither of lightning. Shattering a tree much taller than the length of the bolt. Setting the girth of something so grounded into flames, destroying, engulfing. Hearing someone I love dearly talk about the way another person could change his life, it sounded nonsensical. But then, as he continued, it sounded...absolutely raw. Real. Even possible. Attainable. With patience. And an open heart.

Words can be just words.

Words can be a realm of possibility.

A chance to explain what actions cannot.

To prove to another that it is real. It is possible. It's not a fairy tale.

Love is out there.

With a big smile and open arms.

Waiting for you.

Make sure you grab it.

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