Friday, June 22, 2012

Hobbling like a Hobbit, Erry Day

HIIIIII!! So, guess who's a little super excited?!?! ME.

What a surprise. I know. But AHHHH I'm just crazy ecstatic right now.

And let me tell you why: something's working!

That's right!!!! Now as many of you know, I've been battling constant daily migraines, nonstop 24/7, for the past 22 months. And exactly two days ago I took a chance on Osteopathic Manipulation. There's a world of information on the interwebz out there on this stuff. Now, if you know anyone in this situation or hell, if YOU'RE in this situation, listen up! Even people who go for physical therapy or chiropractor, I'd keep an ear open for this.

I'm not saying it works miracles, because this was my first time going for this, ever. But this is the absolute best I've felt in FOREVER. Well I mean, not forever , but almost two years in pain is just too much.

Now some of you know, some of you don't. I made some choices during these past months. Some that I really regretted, but admittedly, they were choices that had to ultimately be made. But recently it's all been changing. I'm receiving Dysport injections instead of Botox, I'm still on Nortriptaline (Pamelor), I'm on Losartan, Mag-Ox, B2 and Xyzal. And Migralex.

Migralex, OH MY GOD. This is like, something amazing. It's a combination of 1000 mg of Asprin and 500 mg of Magnesium and it works wonders. If typical migraine medicines, prescription or over the counter, do not work for you, I highly recommend your trying this. It's just, a lifesaver.

But back to everything, so something in that mix is working. And now throwing OM into it all, I'm really confident that my cycle is going to be broken and this headache will finally be gone.

Things are just amazing. I'm out of school and finally a Senior! I'm able to spend sooooo much more time with my friends and just catching up and being crazy and whatnot. Octodad and I are still hitting it off pretty fantastically, although I miss him terribly (He's at tennis camp in Ohio). But overall, my life is finally looking up. And 22 months ago, I never EVER thought I'd be able to say that. It's definitely been a journey. But in the end I'm stronger from it. And hell, I mean, if I survive this, nothing's ever gonna get me down again.

I've been doing sooooooooo much yoga and my annual week down the shore with the family is finally approaching. I got some new clothes, I've been getting sooo much exercise and sunlight. The bunnies are amazing and adorable as ever. I couldn't ask for anything else. I'm finally better than good.

Sooooo let's talk about the title of this blog post. So. That exercise thing. It's been kicking my butt. I'm a big fan of yoga and pilates, as you all know, and I have been following Blogilates on Youtube. Now I know my limits and I cannot do all of these workouts fully or at all. So I watch and modify. BUT, I decided to do a workout for my calves.

Now I walk up the stairs on the balls of my feet as opposed to the whole bottom of my foot. I don't know why, I always have. It's weird. It likely also contributes to my uncoordination. I also do like calf raises, or so they're apparently called, when I'm just standing around. Not to be healthy and active. Just because I'm weird. I do lots of weird things like that Spongebob's excited face and dance. I do that too. I'm strange.

Anyways. That's what the video was about! Weighted calf raises for the length of some pop song with three variations. Easy enough right? So halfway through the video I was like "MY CALVES AHHH THEY BURN LIKE HADES FURY" but I'm the type of person who thinks that and then pushes myself through it because I'm dumb. And dedicated. But mostly dumb. Anyways I pushed through it and made it to the end of the video feeling pretty good about myself. Then I did another video (smart, I know) for arms. That also involved weights and about a gazillion more reps. To say the least, I don't know how I survived, but I'm never doing it again.

My calves don't really need definition. They're pretty defined on their own somehow. Anyways. I didn't know how to stretch out my arms, so I just let them be. I only know one way to stretch out my calves, and that's by the runner's stretch. SO I did that.

THE NEXT DAY I could not walk. I was hobbling like no one's business. It was quite the scenario. I was not a fan. I was on the verge of crying everytime I tried to stretch my arms out or my calves. And the little baby massage to my calves made my cry. Like legit tears and sadness because IT HURT SO BAD. I didn't even use the weights!!!!

Lesson learned kids, if your muscles don't need definin' don't define them. Because you end up looking like a hobbit without working arms. And no one wants that.

PS. Do many of you ever make the mistake and accidentally write "noone" instead of "no one". I don't. Because I'm a grammar nazi. But I know people who do. And I can say without a doubt that it is the funniest thing I've ever seen and I've never laughed so hard. I'm such a nerd that I have dreams with grammar puns in them. And I actually think they're funny. Nice.

P.P.S. I had a badass dream about laser tag. AND HALO. HALO LASER TAG. And I was such a BOSS. I beat everyone and I looked awesome. And I woke up wanting to play halo to realize that we don't own any Halo games. It made me sad. But then I beat Peggle and Plants v Zombies and felt better. Then I tried to play Left 4 Dead and realized that my lack of hand-eye coordination makes me suck and dual analog controllers. UGGHHH WHY?!?! I'm going to buy Halo soon and master the dual analogs and be like SUCK IT!!!!!

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