Saturday, June 4, 2011


So take that as you will. Hi! I've missed you. Not really. Well maybe a little. So yesterday I spent the majority of my night with Whippersnapper and some other good-ish friends. It was interesting to say the least. We went to Hibachi's! But Whippersnapper kinda came late, but it wasn't her fault. So whilst waiting for said turtle I got to observe the comers and goers of this fine restaurant. I sawwww: some super old people, a bunch of cute adorable babies that have Whoville hair, some really annoying toddlers who were adorable but could not shut up and finally this REALLY PREGNANT LADY. 

Now be proud of me because I refrained from screaming that out. Although in my head all I kept saying was "Man, she is SO pregnant!" Would it have been creepy if I asked to rub her stomach? Probably so let's just forget I ever mentioned it. That lady had like five kids already too, I was like "Holy waffles! This must be Octomom's smarter sister!" Sadly Octomom did not accompany this lovely family of eight (five kids, mom, dad, and baby in stomach.) 

So since it was Whippersnapper's birthday week or end thereof, I made a big scene about making sure the waiters and such new said information. She wanted to kill me right then and there. As if she didn't appreciate the most awkward 20+ seconds of her life without a cake or candles. Now that I think about it that really WAS awkward...sorry about that. 

So has anyone ever seen Paranormal Activity 2? Or hell even the original? Not that I don't enjoy those movies because I love horror and gore and blood and I'm gonna stop listing things before they call the cops on me. But like I said not that I don't appreciate them but they make me desperately afraid of my house especially at nighttime. And considering the second one I no longer want anything to do with my basement AT ALL. 

Today er I mean night is probably going to be a relatively short post considering I've been posting a lot this week. And I'll probably be posting a lot next week too for reasons I can't talk about right now. Umm so yeah. That's about it. I really have PANCAKES. 

Actually, I apparently didn't finish that last sentence on the previous website that I had this post on. But adding pancakes to the end of everything seems to make life better.

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