Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So the other day my Spanish tutor came to my house to teach my Spanish. Normally this would not be exciting or entertaining whatsoever because this lady is very boring and a horrible teacher. Not this time.

This time, it was very funny and entertaining.

Unfortunately my Spanish teacher arrived too early. This normally wouldn't have bothered me. Mostly because we usually freak clean the house so she won't judge us the night before. However, this time, I had be really really tired the night before and promptly decided that I would clean when I woke up. I was supposed to wake up at 9:30. I actually woke up at like 1:30. Normally, this would be awesome, because sleep is great. But this day I still had to finish at least two hours worth of work plus eat meals and take my bunnies out for an hour of playtime. All of this had to occur before Spanish teacher came.

Usually, Spanish teacher comes around the times of 3:30 and 4:30. For some reason, my teacher arrived at 3:00. I had just put away my bunnies. I had not, however, cleaned. So we walk in and go to the dining room where my learning materials are. However (this is like my word of the day) where Spanish teacher would sit there happened to be a pair of socks. They were clean socks, but they were just chillin' on the table where her stuff went.

So she looks at me and goes, "calcetines?" and I, having suddenly forgotten my Spanish 1 vocabulary go, "socks." She looks at me strangely and goes, "calcetines?" and I'm like, "no socks." And this woman was adamant because she looked at me again and went, "Tus calcetines?" and I'm angry now and I go "NO, SOCKS. S-O-C-K-S. SOCKS."

By this time my teacher finally realized that I could not remember that "calcetines" meant socks in Spanish. Needless to say, she didn't stay very long. She looked at me strangely for about five minutes without saying anything. Then she handed me my papers and left.

My dad comes upstairs and he's like "who were you yelling at?" So I tell him what happened and he's like "Jess, calcetines means socks." I stood there red faced and angry. "SO WHY WOULDN'T SHE JUST ADMIT THAT SHE WAS WRONG?!!?" I'm not really sure why I got so upset over this, but I was determined to prove that somehow my teacher was wrong in the situation. I'm pretty sure my father is now ashamed of me considering he is from El Salvador and his own daughter can't say "socks" in Spanish without having a brain seizure.

I'm pretty sure my Spanish teacher isn't coming back anymore.

This sounds less funny than it actually was, because looking back on it, it was hilarious. I'm probably going to fail Spanish 2 now, but I'm pretty sure it was totally worth it. That's all.

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