Monday, June 20, 2011

Questionable Reasoning

So guess what? I'm moving! Just kidding, but I am going on vacation for a few weeks. I get to go across the country YAY TRAVELING! So as I believe I have mentioned before, I live in Pennsylvania. (I realize this is basically asking scary people to find me, but it's okay because I have a secret team of pirates that are ready to stab people at moment's notice, YEAH) The vacation that I am going on involves a trip to visit my family in Oregon. For those of you, like me, that are wizards at finding states and capitals on maps, you can skip this next part. But for those of you, like the other half of me, that either your attention span is too short to pay attention to such unimportant details or you just don't really care because you already got an award for knowing where everything was in the US in 5th grade, this may help.

Above is a roughly drawn scale of my travel plans. NO it's not a deformed crab or birth defected elephant. It's proof that I can't draw for my life, but I DO roughly know the general shape of my own country. YAY MEMORY! So despite the fact that I will probably sit next to creepy strangers that are interested in everything I do and I'll most likely get lost on the way from my first terminal after my first flight to the second one and I'll forever be stranded in San Francisco (not a totally bad thing), I'm pretty damn excited.

See, the last time I saw said family members, I was going through my "awkward" stage. Unfortunately this stage never really ended for me, but at that point I kinda just didn't care how I looked no matter how ugly it was. I also had bangs. I HATE BANGS. Not on other people, on other people they look awesome, but on me, since my hair is really curly, they just end up looking like devil horns. And adding my short fuse and the fact that I bathe in sarcasm, you can see how this turned out. I made you another picture to demonstrate.
As you can see, things have gone downhill for me since 6th grade. But nevertheless despite the fact that 12 year old me was quite the catch, I've also remembered that considering that I've significantly changed since then, my younger cousins who were at the most 7 or 8 are now entering the dreaded years of teen-dom. Weird. But it's pretty exciting and the main reason for this post was to let everyone know (pretty much that one person that stumbled upon this blog by accident) that I'm not positive of the internet situation down there, so I'm going to make a couple more posts this week just in case there's no computer access at all.

That's pretty much it. I hope you summer lovers are enjoying this god forsaken heat we've been getting everywhere. I can't wait for winter.

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