Saturday, June 4, 2011


I honestly and sincerely hope that you all tried to pronounce that. So I'm going for a record three straight days today. Whoooo, it's exciting, I know. So I've learned a few things today. First is that my newest doctor likes to make "whoosh" noises whenever he does anything. He's like a sound effect god or something. Second is that some people really think my dad owns a pedovan, which I can't exactly blame them for. But I must say I'm getting really tired of people screaming, "don't get in!" every time he pulls up. Just because there's no windows on one side doesn't mean anything. 

Now in comparison to the ACTUAL pedovan that is on the end of my street, their windowless van is highly suspicious. Mostly because it's green. I'm painting my room that color.

Now besides those things I've learned that it's really fun to tell people that you're into metal, even if you're not. I mean, I actually am so it's great, but just watch their faces. So priceless. Their all like "higagirgahagahgah oh really?" yeah, please, keep trying to blow that reaction off like it never happened.

I GOT NEW SHOES!!!!! And they're AMAZING! Maybe I"ll post a picture, considering I'm in love with them. AND DON'T TELL ME OTHERWISE. If I want to have a long term relationship with my sneakers it's none of your business. Creep. 

So I've decided that soup is officially the only thing I feel like eating this week. Unless of course the occasion of Chik Fil A happens to come up in which case I will always feel like eating it.  

I've realized most recently that people think books are evil. You walk up to someone holding a book and they're like "AHH IT'S THE ANTI-CHRIST!!!!" And then you feel awkward because you're like "So I'm the bringer of the Anti-Christ? Do you wanna trade?" Like really people, it's a BOOK. You try hanging out at the library like "Hey you wanna go to the library?" "THE LIBRARY IS HELL!!" 

You get my point right? Now I'm apparently hanging out in hell with the Anti-Christ. Awesome.

Soon there will be a drawing up of said conversation, but right now I can't dedicate the time that is much needed for said drawing. What I do have time for is poetry. Not really. Today in English we talked about poetry and it came to someone's knowledge for the first time that Shakespeare made up words. I thought that was hilarious. What's also hilarious? The fact that my student teacher threatened to buy a T-Rex just so it could eat one of my classmates. WIN

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