Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dearest fans, I apologize for my absence recently. It's kind of a long story. BUT I have promised myself that tomorrow I shall post a post of magical wonders and unicorn puppies cats. Yeah that sounded better in my head. But the main reason I have decided to talk randomly today is that one of the reasons I haven't posted is crazy business. And I know what you're thinking "How busy can this crazy sixteen year old girl be?" Well, busy okay, really busy. And because I haven't been able to talk to you crazy other people I have been rather sad. 

So for the main reason of today's little post is to tell you that you all are awesome. I mean sure I don't know any of you but that's totally okay cause if I did I'd have to worry about saying something offensive. But yeah, you guys rock and I'm happy my strange strange mind can be enjoyed by others. And since this has to be quick because I'm still freaky busy, I'm gonna post a few links for you all to watch because I love you all. No I don't. I moderately care. I'd like you all better if you were reindeer that I could fly on, but that's obviously a little too much to ask for. So fans/readers/strangers enjoy :D


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